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Incomplete Forever

Glad to share this poem out here.
It just flows as you read and lets you actually feel that emotion and feeling of incompleteness! 🙂
Go on and do appreciate if you like it.. 🙂
Happy Reading!! 🙂

Thoughts of Words

The eve of Sunday moving slowly towards the night.

The Azaan from a distance can be heard as the sound of a passing train.

The mind is in search of a thought that it can muse,–

while, the soul is in the mood of sitting back and enjoy the eve.

There is a serenity, there is quietude, there is this loneliness.


The eve of Sunday moving slowly towards the night.

The chime of temple bell, that jiggles by the devotees, resonate with–

the sound of the gapped traffic. 

The mind is swimming vagabondly, trying to get hold on to a driftwood,–

while, the soul is disturbed by the ripple created by this errant sail through.

There is a calmness, there is solace, there is this solitude.


The eve of Sunday moving slowly towards the night.

The eve traffic with muffled noise of entertainment from neighbor jiggling in ‘ween.

A lorn feeling taking birth…

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The Poetry Challenge#6: Links!

Hello Everyone!

Links for the Challenge are as follows:

Incomplete Forever : This one would take you for a calm yet impactful ride! You ought to read it to find more.. 🙂

Passion : One of its kind..You gotta read this one by Kim. 🙂

The Gust : This Tanka poem by Sangbad has that description of love of a kind..go on and read. 🙂

There has been an issue with a few links opening up with an error. Please put up the fresh link so that I can update it here.

Don’t forget to appreciate the writers in case you love what you read.

Happy Reading! 🙂


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That Feeling..

That feeling
of not being there
where you wished
to be

Of not being there
where your heart is..
For its not just a goal to be achieved,
but a dream to be fulfilled

Where your heart is
The mind needs to be guided
Your hardwork needs to be directed
The Focus needs to be established

The mind needs to be guided
To confront and overcome
That feeling
Of Fear, Of Despair..


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Poetry Challenge #6: 26th Feb-13th March,2017

Here we are yet again- the last Sunday of the month! 🙂

The month of February often brings a lot of love in the air. And the definition of love stands different for one and all. So, lets have LOVE as the topic of the month wherein you can share your well spent time, in poetry form, of course! 🙂

Even if you have never written a poem, try it..just 10 lines…you can definitely do that much!! I am actually looking forward to the first timers!!🙂

You may also re-blog this post to spread the word, inviting more and more poems!!🙂

Important Information:

  1. Write a poem of atleast 7-10 lines. You can pick any form you like..
  2. Topic: LOVE
  3. Attach a picture clicked by you if you like..Pictures add a lot to poems and your blogs.
  4. Make a blog post of your beautiful poem with a link to this post (Pingback).
  5. Also leave the link to your post in the Comment section if you want.
  6. Last Date: 13th March,2017

And what’s in store for participating in here? Well, on 15th March, 2017:

  1.  The best ones would be reblogged on my blog.
  2. And I would also be sharing the link to your post, separately!

Do drop in a comment for any queries! Try it everyone!

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Share your view: What’s Life?

What is life?
Have you ever pondered over?
Or, by now you might have learnt and known?

Life is a journey.
For me, it is a journey to attain happiness and contentment. And it may not exist for a long time but may come up in short or long spells, probably like the monsoons! 😊

Life is working hard and finally achieving that one ultimate goal of your journey. But that one ultimate goal, may just be at the top which can be reached after successfully attaining those intermediary goals.

Life is appreciating what you have. And trying to make it accessible and viable for as many as you can. It may be love. It may be seeing a sunrise. I say it because there are those you just can’t enjoy the small things in life. They just can’t. Life is helping them out!

Life is experiencing those big and small, happy and sad moments. Overcoming the sad ones by getting nostalgic, thinking about the good ones.

Life is living a dream. A dream which you might have seen with your open eyes. A dream which made you toil day and night.

Life is today. And today, is always beautiful.

Life is indeed beautiful!
What do you think? What is life for you? What has it been for you yet?
I wish to know more about it. I am looking for those new dimensions which minds out there have. So, do drop in your views everyone!🙂

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Love, It is called!

Your sleep deprived eyes.
Your love-filled smile.

for just a smile,
I went on to keep
you waiting for a long time.

I sat across you.
you pulled my cheeks..

‘Stay away!’
“Why can’t you just stay?”
‘Can’t, for we’re now apart!’
Love, you right here in my heart!”

to take my eyes off you,
That feeling, that aroma,
That power so strong..

I finally found myself,
back in your arms!



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Featured Posts – Share Your Post Links.

Hey people!🙂

If you are through with your new post, just link into the loop and spread your word!! 🙂
Happy Reading 🙂

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