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Tale of a Bird

Up I fly
above the clouds,
but the clouds fly
above me too…

Off I go,
yet I don’t,
that’s the beauty
of an edge-less home!

While the sky
is my home,
it’s the world for
the creators of a tomb!

While I pray
for the world,
the world is busy
destroying my home!


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All I had
to say
has converged
into such words..

Words as such
were they
but remained

Unheard, yet alive
throbbing vividly
across many

Ears, they were,
so my words
still remain


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A Scene Without The Glasses.

Squeezing my eyes
to match up
with the line,
I went on
amidst the
more of black than white..

what lied hiding,
half clinging
to the soap bar,
I bent to look closely,
and there I was
Eye to eye
with a baby lizard
all set for
Another dive!


P.S.: I am not good at drawing so the lizard may not look like a realistic one! 😀

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Break the Silence.

Look around to
see how the world
engages to
hold on to you…

From the blazing sun
to the midnight moon,
across the dusty wind,
through the calmer you…

From the chirping birds
to the crawling lizards..
Across the spider’s web
those trapped insects…

There’s more
to be observant of
than being ignorant just
because of some…

This world exists for you
when You strive to be ‘then’.
Its time to break the silence
and just stop being Depressed!


The Daily Post

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As I sink into the
very thought
of flying high…

As if a pull of the gravity,
yet a freefall
from the sky…

As I set myself
free from the
web of your love…

As I now know,
it wasn’t for me:
the raven, but the dove!


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Barbed walls
To which i cling..
Desperate calls
Flapping my wings..

Cant you see
My desire to fly?
I so wish to flee
In An open sky..

What if you are caged,
With same food everyday?
Wont you be enraged?
Would you have anything to say?

Being so much more,
I am so less..
Every time, its the pain I pour
For you to set me free of this mess!