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Start Living!

DSCN5318It is another morning
Another day at work
Its been years
I haven’t said a word!

This weekly monotony
This wait for another weekend
This hatred for the labour
This wish for being out there!

Nothing seems to change
Nothing mends its ways
None wish to move
The monies make us drool!

I finally dared to leave
My ever increasing desire for affluency
I wanted to be a free bird
I craved just to be me at ease!

So I peeped out of the monotony
And wondered how different life actually had been
Its been me who followed the rule
Ultimately making myself a fool!

Now its a beautiful morning
With the rising sun accompanying my yoga
Feeding my day with zeal
I dash out to feel!

The trees around are flowering
The chirping birds are flying
The gardens refreshen your eyes
And the breeze gives you the ultimate delight!

I venture into a buzzy building
People around are waving
I wave back with a smile
As i was a cynosure for a while!

So its not the daily monotony
But the scheduled brains which we set
Just unlearn the steps
And tune in to be an enthusiast!

Wake up!
Start living!
Be a passionate you
And feel the hearty rhythm that woes!

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5 thoughts on “Start Living!

  1. Yes! Be an enthusiast. I promise your steps will seem easier. And one day, you’ll find a way to have more of what you really want to be doing just because you’re prepared for the struggle and the reward. Highest and Best!

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