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Chasing Dreams!


A soothing breeze made a flypast

Making me realize where I was

Lost in the dreams of my life

Watching it come alive with my open eyes!

Aahh! What a sight it was

What a dream it was!

Unfolding the locks of my hair strands

I stood mesmerized by the daydream

But the cold breeze pinched my cheeks

Till they rosied up to their peak!

I sat down away from the window

Working harder for the dream

For that was what i wanted as the deal!

I pushed away the sleepy nights

I cooked away burning the midnight oil

The day was near, the nights were lit

And the days quickly ticked!

The D-day emerged with a shining sun

I prayed before i checked the result

I was excited and at the same time anxious

And with a beep, it appeared!

The result was not the dream

The dream was not the result

All it needed was just a slight push!

The day went by

The stars twinkled high

The same breeze blew

It struck harder on my face

But there wasn’t any dream

which was blown away!

I looked at the stars

I gazed at the moon

And then i realised where i had been wrong!

There is the moon

There are the stars

You ought to be closer and not large!

So, however robust may be the breeze

You have to be strong. 

As the determined moon never whines

Coz the dream is not to twinkle, but to shine!


The Daily Post

#nights #dream #moon #determination #day


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