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Nature for All!

flowers-garden-wallpaperThe mesmerizing feeling
you get out here
is cherishable.

The vibrant colors
of the flowers
are soothing.

You would love to watch
the endowed colors
of nature.

The chirping birds
create a rhythm
in atmosphere.

The sounds of the insects
makes us love their presence
around us.

The green is not the only
adjective to describe
this beauty.

The very breeze that blows
makes you move
on a high.

You would let your feet
feel the tender
grass beneath.

The feeling in there is
just not to leave
but stay.

The belongingness of the mind
to this place pulls you
and you stay.

And so I wonder why cant we
have this kind of place more
and more around.

Why can’t we create a better
place not only for
the Mankind but
The ‘Living-kind’?


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#nature #beauty #mankind  #flowers #birds


8 thoughts on “Nature for All!

  1. I really loved this and read it several times… … there was one portion that didn’t fit for me.. (not sure that it matters since I am by no means a “writer”… but I will share my thought… don’t take it as a criticism… just a reaction from a reader)….here goes….I don’t like the sound of insects… I don’t mind insects I find it peaceful watching them… but the sounds they make…horrible… I hear and almost by reflex I start shewing them away… they are to me the “traffic noise” of nature… always annoying…

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