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The Brave but Silent!

To know not what you mean
But go on what you wish to say
Remember, its not harming me
But you!

You blurt out all
I will not respond
You are habitual to sin
But I am not!

Say it all you have on mind
Because this is the last I will hear
And then, everything is waiting to change
As soon as you stop!

Dont take my silence as a weakness
Go on till you wish to stop and leave
Because this is the silence before a storm
The future for you is unimaginable!

I would still remain silent
And prefer to walk away
As I know, my silence will pinch you more
But not my words!

You would crave to see me react
You would beg me to say
Mind you, I will not
But walk away!

I know the right dose
Not only for you
But for anyone who rattles
Because silence is not my only tool!

I am a lady at peace
I am a lady without regrets
I am a lady with silence as not my only dagger
I am a lady with the best act of revenge!


The Daily Post

#lady #women #silence #power #brave

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