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And We Met!

DSCN4882.JPGI sat down at the table
Pulled out my lip gloss
And made my dry lips shine
The restaurateur stared in admiration!

I was ready and all set
With my eyes gazing at the door
Yes! I was waiting
To get a glimpse of yours!

That your presence was felt
It made me chin up
My hair strands slipped over my left eye
Paving way for a hidden window!

You came in gasping
Your rolling eyes looked for me
I pulled back my hair
(with attitude)
To let you see me!

You smiled with a satisfaction
Yes! I did finally come
I did, just to see you
To see, the joyful you!

You swayed your hands
That screeching noise that your shoes always made
The glitter in your eyes was evident
The happy-you was finally there!


The Daily Post

#love #meet #joy #eyes #smile #happy


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