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Featured Posts 90 – Share your posts.

Hii there! ūüôā
Do join in the chain and bring in more curious readers over your blog!
And Yess! It features one distinct poem of mine too: The Brave but Silent!

Happy Reading!:)

a cooking pot and twisted tales


Today’s featured blogs posts are:

Do step in and show some love.

Fountains: there’s something soothing about fountains or even listening to running water.

The brave but silent: silence carries strength and wields a swift blow that words can’t achieve. A short, tight and interesting read.

Woman of worth: an uplifting and well written post of self value. We should teach the younger generation this so that they come to a place of realization early enough.

The back of a postage stamp: a delightful poem from Oneta that sets me thinking. What will the younger one’s write as their memories of the postage stamp? Do they even know what a stamp is :/

Close to your heart: beautiful poem filled with age old wisdom from Joan.

The Warlord: sometimes, the price paid for being a hero is far reaching beyond the naked eyes of those…

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