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And We Met! (#2)

DSCN4882Kneeling down, you took my hand
One look of mine,
And you released it with respect
“Better!” I said
And it made you smile!

You requested
But I dint budge
Why would I?
Why should I always?

The waiter was waiting
You turned and directed him
He went on, on his business
And you sat across a fumed lady!

The waiter came up
This time for the lady
“Ma’am Someone is Asking for You!”
I was elated to see you jealous!

Following his steps, and you mine
He suddenly stopped!
A decorated table
Full of delicacies!

There you stood, happily
With your wit
And your impressed lady
The very way I always loved!


The Daily Post

#continue #love #delicacy #food #wit

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