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The Time Tonight!

IMG_20160817_000018I untied my hair
Swiftly carressed with my fingers
Fell on the bed
Magnetised by the pillow!

Looked up to see
And out of the big window
Ah! What a sight!
I stared and glared!

Amidst the unsymmetric pattern
Formed by a number of wires
There stood the brightest star
In its full flare!

A twinkle here
A twinkle there
With the featureful moon
I had the chance to wander!

I wondered and smiled
For there lied just us
Mesmerized by one another’s beauty
On the bed and up, above!

I tried sleeping
As i love dreaming
But its eye on me, dominated
So, here I am penning down the beauty!


The Daily Post


30 thoughts on “The Time Tonight!

    1. I am glad you liked it. 🙂
      I believe in writing as per my thoughts as and when they float and not for particular prompts. And in poetry, I think there lie hidden and unhidden meanings and if they somehow relate to the given prompt, only then I link in! 🙂


      1. With all due respect, if you unable to decipher the meaning plus the relation to the prompt, I wont be able to help you on that!
        Its all about how you connect with the hidden aspects of poetry.
        Its all about how you imagine the situation described.
        It is good manners to judge and comment on writings which you can understand, after all there is no compulsion!
        And if you have an issue, you are free to request the host to remove the link!


  1. SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. every word
    IS A sound of Love when
    exPresSinG beauty
    and certainly
    Love for moon..
    Love for sKy..
    Love for blUe
    eYes.. gReen and
    BroWn in Words can
    SinG Love true with or
    without explicit words that
    cannot heRe thE implicit SonG
    of Love words SunG in TruE liGht tongue
    of words
    no matter what
    Love Sings when iSREAL..:)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. sMiLes.. my friend.. you
        are welcome and i am
        saddened that the two
        administrators above from
        dVerse seem too tone deaf now
        to heRe a SonG oF youR words
        and this is precisely why i never
        link with dVerse anymore and just
        poetically respond for fun.. as i am not
        in this for A poet ‘business’ for ‘science’
        in this for
        noW and
        noThing else..
        smiles.. this was by
        far the best poem i’ve
        read all day long.. sAdly
        some folks cannot see the
        boards they bring with
        eYes that see
        less than
        truly beautiful
        poetry can bring
        iN a sonG aS Lamp oF liGht..:)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. This was my first out there and looks like I found readers with diverse and diverging views! 😀
          And I believe in letting all have their say on my work though its different altogether this time! 😀
          And I love the way you pen down your opinion- the poetic flow with ‘smiles’- lots of positivity!! 🙂 🙂
          Thank you! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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