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What is It?

I wait everyday for it to come
Every morning and every evening
but it is gone.
It mostly shows its presence
on a winter morning
in order to see me shivering.

It is without any body
without any organs
but still I feel it
making a tomato of my cheeks.
Since as it comes
it makes me a rose
but as it is gone
I am, what I am known!

Although its face seems to be like mine
white, lovely and bright
With piercing brown black eyes
it stares at me and makes me
feel like a small child!

As soon as I enter its territory
I am invisible
But as soon as I am out
I become visible!

This is the game which it plays with me
Let’s see,
how many of you can guess it for me!


Dated: 18th January, 2005

The Daily Post

This is the first in this category. Please post your answer to the riddle in the comment section below. The answer to the riddle will be posted on 1st September 2016!
(Though its easy :D)
Happy Reading! 🙂


20 thoughts on “What is It?

  1. I saw your post at Jacqueline’s blog party and thought I’d drop by. I’m going to guess that the poem is about Old Man Winter. I’m looking forward to your answer in September. 🙂

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