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Answer to ‘What is It?’ And Another to Guess! :)

So..Hi Everyone!! 🙂

Before directly jumping to the answer to the last Guessing Poem of mine: “What is It?“, a big thank you to all those who thought and pondered over it! 
Many answers out there..but none matched with what I had in mind when I wrote it!! 😀
That proud feeling that none could guess the right answer..hahhaa!! 😀

ANSWER: Early winter morning FOG!

It reminds me of the early winter mornings, spent at the school playground, here in Delhi, India…!!
All foggy, poor visibility but sudden emergence of people or even a punch or pat from my vanishing friends! Good old days at school! 🙂 🙂

And since you took out time to read on till here, go on to answer another one!


I happened to draw this picture today..a five minutes art! It was shared on my social media account and its not my innovation! But it was fun..a few minutes break from work is always helpful!! 🙂

I started with writing two numbers and then continued to draw the same as per the steps and ended up with this!

Now, you just have to spot the “Two Numbers”! 🙂

Please enter your answer in the comment section below.
The answer to this would be posted as a COMMENT below on 5th September 2016!
Since the answer is easy, I would be approving and liking your comments on 5th September itself. This would be an auto-indicator that the answer is out! 😉
Plus will Save your Time! 🙂

Thank you Everyone and Happy Reading! 🙂 🙂

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