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As Lovers They Stand! (The Best Suggested Title)

They all sat to talk,
They all sat to judge,
But what?

He was not handsome,
For he was dark!
He was not good-looking,
For he didn’t stood tall!

A man with not so big eyes,
A man not reaching the sky,
He was not charming,
As he was not whitening!

She knew her man,
She already knew all of that,
And wondered:
Why black and white?
Why tall and short?
Why big and small?

Why she never saw all that, at all?
His smile made him charming!
His love made him handsome!
For she loved him with all goods and flaws!

What she saw was:
His glittering eyes,
His love for blues,
His search for peace
In the joy of his ‘love’!

It was time for all,
They were all set
To see her as a forlorn!
But she knew her man,
He would always be thereon!

He knew his lady,
She knew her man,
Stubborn they were,
And As lovers they still stand!


TheΒ DailyΒ Post

I hope you all liked this poem. I couldn’t think of a better title as of now and I know there can be a better one. So, one of the readers suggested the title and the post has thus been edited!

Suggested by: Fioza

Talking to Myselves

That’s the link to her beautiful blog! Do check it out!

Thank you! Happy Reading! πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “As Lovers They Stand! (The Best Suggested Title)

      1. Thank you so much! I can’t seem to allow reblogs since I made it as a page and not a post.

        If youd like to share the page you should be able to see a “pressthis” button now.

        I also made a blog post about my art with a link to the page. You should be able to reblog that post if you’d like to go that route instead πŸ™‚

        Thank you again, it really means a lot!

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