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The Twist of LIFE!

 A man been accustomed with his work..
Everyone used to be with him,
But the day he became an old matter,
Everyone left him to pitter-patter!

He prays to God for the happiness of his family
But there is nothing he asks in lieu of it..
He just tolerates and lives happily,
to make the most out of his life,
which is just a bit!

He is an old man of no use,
So his children after marrying left him alone to fuse..
But one day comes when he falls ill
Still the children remain away to avoid the bills!

When he was a man,
he had everyone..
But when he became an old blob of matter,
He had none!

Here is the fate which no one can escape:
That’s the day when he dies-
Still Alone, Alone and ALONE!


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