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Featured Posts 130 – Share your post links.

All right!!

So all you bloggers out there..wish to get more eyes on your blogs??

Hop on to this page and share your links in the “Link the Loop” and get more eyes on your words! 🙂

And features my blog posts too: ‘Examinations’ and ‘The Twist of Life’! 🙂

Do check out the other interesting links out there!! 🙂

Happy Reading!! 🙂 🙂

a cooking pot and twisted tales


Today’s featured blogs posts are:

Examinations. Never been fond of exams.

The twist of life. An interesting, thought-provoking poem. An old blob of human matter. That’s what his children considered him to be when he got too old to be useful. Hmm!

Return to The Post Office Box – a story reimagined.  Interesting and this is what I said. “What an interesting story. I read the first part earlier and this ending really suits it. It’s a fun perspective to look at a thought-provoking story of a woman who’s enduring domestic violence.”

An interview with the main character. I totally like this concept that Pamela used here and will use it as well to help me understand the quirkiness of one of my characters.

Sugar daddies are killing a generation. An ugly story of a sad reality. A must read in my opinion.

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