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Just For You, Girls!

As tired I slept
I dreamt in bed
Verisimilitude it felt!

I felt a watery bed
And anxiety made me check
And there I woke to a new day with my womanhood spread!

Blots of red paint
So I wished
But there I stood with mess to clean..

All clothes hung
And I looked like a drunk
Despite a hot shower
And the paddings power..

Many prefer a break
From the day
But I went on
As it’s no reason to halt..

Girlies out there
Be bold and cheer
This is not a time to tear..

We are born unique..
“Why we?” Shouldn’t be our pick..

Go on, live strong
This prepares you to survive for long..

For we are the drivers of change which is yet to come
For we are that plant where the buds bloom and sway!


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