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POETRY CHALLENGE#3: 27 November-10 December

Here we are yet again- the last Sunday of the month!🙂

It’s the third Challenge so let’s bring in a something new..Look at the picture below and draw out a poem of your own words!


P.S.:This picture was taken by me in Shimla, India.

Even if you have never written a poem, try it..just 10 lines…you can definately do that much!! I am actually looking forward to the first timers!!🙂

You may also reblog this post to spread the word, inviting more and more poems!!🙂

Important Information:

  1. Write a poem of atleast 7-10 lines. You can pick any form you like..
  2. Topic: The picture above!
  3. Make a blog post of your beautiful poem with a link to this post.
  4. Also leave the link to your post in the Comment section below or a pingback.
  5. Last Date: 10th December,2016

And what’s in store for participating in here? Well, on 12th December:

  1.  The best ones would be reblogged on my blog.
  2. And I would also be sharing the link to your post, separately!

Do drop in a comment for any queries! Try it everyone! 🙂


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