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My Green Journey

This poem by Dilip is a beautifully imagined piece of poetry. Read on… 🙂

Orange - Dilip

I saunter past thy green grove, with my shoes of leather
I watch white head crow caw, flappin’ its black feather
my chick-let gums stuck rather
deep in my Wooden Calcium stone corner
warp in my rose suave food road, brother
I whiff worn-torn Yella flower
rapped by a gang of blue band bees – oh Mother!
I speak smoke, in cold weather
there ain’t nobody to tether

A brown warm worm dig deep in musky clay
gape at me, with his chest full of black mud spray
I blow him with my stinky mint puff, eh!
he veil a sprig which shine grey;
I brush my Orange round necky-belly covering, say
T-shirt– erupts a sneeze of doom
make my pitch black moustache alignment lose its way
Ginger God, It’s freezing for the month of May
I perceive the sun through a prism of dewdrop, still on its stay

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