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Amorous Epistle:The Silent Words

Walk beside me,
For there is more
You would want to feel
As I don’t always speak…

For there is more
You would hear
Not by that ear
But your heart, my dear..

You would hear
My heart beating
Just for you..
This, I never told you!

My heart beating
When you’re near
Is a feeling
I love and not fear..

When you’re near
I kiss, for
You would want to feel,
As I don’t always speak!


The Daily Post

The title is a combination of two suggestions:
Amorous Epistle by Orange Dilip
The Silent Words by Crash Course Dummy

And there a haiku  by Mick Talbot which I would like to share:
unrequited love
speak not a word stay silent
love needs speak to me

Thank you Everyone! 🙂
You all really made it a task for me, to select one out of so many interesting titles!!

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