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POETRY CHALLENGE#4: 31st Dec,2016-10th Jan,2017

And this is a must read for my readers out there… 🙂
No descriptions..just read on..
Happy Reading! 🙂

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The Time That Was


tanka tales
for you my sweet love
no regrets
have we forgot time
the time that was when we loved
a country walk us
together memories made
a son two daughters much loved
the time that was ours
altercations end in bed
shh no more listen
have we forgot time that was
gazing counting shooting stars
have we forgot time
how love endured rough and smooth
hate played not a part
if we could walk we ran half way
nature was our guide to life
memories now past
have we forgot time eyes wide
looking back no void
life was lived to its fullest
you me aged holding on
All © Mick Talbot 2016/17

POETRY CHALLENGE#4: 31st Dec,2016-10th Jan,2017

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