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Unclogging The Mind

There was this time
When I sat
Clogged with the thoughts
Of little things
That I did mind

That restless night
That uneasy mind
Took a toll
Over a lot
Of my precious time

It happens when
You start bothering
That much,
Rather too much
Over trivial things

Eat up your head
Blocking the day
Feeling the void
Jostling for space
Grasping for breath

The little thing
Turns into a storm
A turmoil on roll
No signs of peace
A lot being missed

And when today
I sit down
Pondering over
Those times, those days
I see the change

My world stands enlarged
It’s the tolerance and the calm
It’s the craving for peace
It’s the ability to pick up only the important
That’s what I now possess!

And that’s how I have managed to unclog..

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