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Share your view: What’s Life?

What is life?
Have you ever pondered over?
Or, by now you might have learnt and known?

Life is a journey.
For me, it is a journey to attain happiness and contentment. And it may not exist for a long time but may come up in short or long spells, probably like the monsoons! 😊

Life is working hard and finally achieving that one ultimate goal of your journey. But that one ultimate goal, may just be at the top which can be reached after successfully attaining those intermediary goals.

Life is appreciating what you have. And trying to make it accessible and viable for as many as you can. It may be love. It may be seeing a sunrise. I say it because there are those you just can’t enjoy the small things in life. They just can’t. Life is helping them out!

Life is experiencing those big and small, happy and sad moments. Overcoming the sad ones by getting nostalgic, thinking about the good ones.

Life is living a dream. A dream which you might have seen with your open eyes. A dream which made you toil day and night.

Life is today. And today, is always beautiful.

Life is indeed beautiful!
What do you think? What is life for you? What has it been for you yet?
I wish to know more about it. I am looking for those new dimensions which minds out there have. So, do drop in your views everyone!πŸ™‚


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