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Poetry Challenge #6: 26th Feb-13th March,2017

Here we are yet again- the last Sunday of the month! 🙂

The month of February often brings a lot of love in the air. And the definition of love stands different for one and all. So, lets have LOVE as the topic of the month wherein you can share your well spent time, in poetry form, of course! 🙂

Even if you have never written a poem, try it..just 10 lines…you can definitely do that much!! I am actually looking forward to the first timers!!🙂

You may also re-blog this post to spread the word, inviting more and more poems!!🙂

Important Information:

  1. Write a poem of atleast 7-10 lines. You can pick any form you like..
  2. Topic: LOVE
  3. Attach a picture clicked by you if you like..Pictures add a lot to poems and your blogs.
  4. Make a blog post of your beautiful poem with a link to this post (Pingback).
  5. Also leave the link to your post in the Comment section if you want.
  6. Last Date: 13th March,2017

And what’s in store for participating in here? Well, on 15th March, 2017:

  1.  The best ones would be reblogged on my blog.
  2. And I would also be sharing the link to your post, separately!

Do drop in a comment for any queries! Try it everyone!


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