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Gratitude Post: An Year to Palpable Pennings!

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a great time…:)

Well.. there was this other day when I mentioned in a post that April is special..

And it’s here, why..


Yess.. It’s been an year…365 days! It’s been a great time: meeting a lot of people through their work and words, 250+ people following me out here. Probably 250 may sound a little less to a few people but I would say that as per my presence, evolvement and involvement here, it’s a big one for me. One needs to put in a lot of effort not only by always working on what you post but also interacting with others out there, reading what others put up. Of course, the most important is, what you write, how good you are at it and how well it connects with the readers.

And for those who find this a big number: don’t worry guys, you would have it too. It’s how many people find you out ,to read your words which make the number. And people are just taking their time so be optimistic and write your heart out, something which I do on my blog! 🙂

I started writing this blog just to put in my words somewhere, where I could just drop in anytime, write and read: A  Safe Vault! For me, numbers are a motivation and an acknowledgement which makes you feel good and happy about the appreciation which you receive. 🙂 🙂

Well, next is to thank the people who read out my words and share their views with me. That’s what I believe at times make you write more. Though, for me its more of writing as and when I feel fine and right…probably so full of emotions that I share all of that in form of words with you all.

So, thank you everyone out there for making this work and work so sustainably well! 🙂

Super happy to post this! 🙂 🙂

Thank you! 🙂

Happy Reading! 🙂

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Sitting like a rock,
Not symbolic of thy power
But a being
In despair..

Lows and highs
Of life, for all:
A factoid
But not for me anymore..

That’s my feeling
Numbness exists
Even amidst the rains..

As its not the prickly sensation
Of the rain I seek,
But that very ray of hope,
A refuge for my thoughts..


Note: This poem is for those unhappy depressed souls out there. You are free to share your thoughts by contacting in anyway: comment or email.

I am all ears! 🙂

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I am a Palestinian.

You ran for your dignity.
You ran for your life.

For the dignity,
You asked for space,
Some shelter
Just to stay..

For the life,
You were given some space.
just to stay..

You garnered strength,
Wisdom and hope.
You have prospered
Harbouring guns and more!

Yes, guns!
Shattering the very worlds
Of those who gave you

Hope to live on,
On their own land
With grace and dignity..
What more could you have asked for?

Draining all the gratitude,
The thankfulness,
You stand tall
With your head held high..

As Higher you stand
Look behind, just once
Those vivid memories
Of cruelity, of helplessness!

Those sufferings Are now ours..
For What you suffered then
Is our nightmare of today,
everyday, for once and for all!

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Strong Strings..

Strings strung together
Initiating a melody so robust
A rhythm of love
Transient but strong!

Plucked together
Strings get attached
to fall back in parallels
Just like, we now stand!

These tunes signalling
Our departures,
For now and then,
Like always..

For the music will go on,
So will the game of strings,
Getting together and apart
Making us, our love getting forever stalwart!


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A Child.

A child is not a business entity in which a man and a woman do investment. And over it, if this investment doesn’t give returns, a shutdown is what hovers over their mind.
A child is a human being, a heart with feelings. If you can’t treat her (him) like one, just don’t have one, just don’t get one!

You might be thinking what kind of words are these. Who after all considers a child as a profiteering entity? Who goes on to the extent of a shutdown? And what do I actually mean by a shutdown?

And trust me, its not about those who have been living a miserable life. Or for that matter, have issues with a female new-born. Or may be a poor family financially!

No..! I wrote this when I saw a well educated…No…A so-called qualified man throwing out his motherless child out for reasons he himself has been responsible for! I wrote this when I just could not digest the fact that his investments on the child looked futile to him with respect to the outcomes.

A shutdown here is when the child has a father who he cannot just look upto because he has been discarded as a useless entity probably. A shutdown is when he sees his fellow mates turning up with their daddies and he has none to look upto despite having one. And over it, the child just does not know why and what is actually happening..

I wonder how such people end up even having a sound sleep at night…Something which they don’t deserve even if they had been working hard all day for their livelihoods..!

I wish people understood that they cannot play with a young life- a small child when they cannot take up the responsibility…

I wish they knew that Life is a Full Circle and they would get back what they started..!

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I am Me.

Dipped deep
In my intellectuality,
I find myself thinking,
Talking and advising
A lot more than others..

And then
When I am not,
I am more ME
I connect more with myself
I love myself more
Its more of happiness..

This Amalgamation of
An intellectual me
And a happy me
Makes me a better human being
With each passing day,


P.S.: The title has been suggested by Enigma. Thank you! 🙂