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A Child.

A child is not a business entity in which a man and a woman do investment. And over it, if this investment doesn’t give returns, a shutdown is what hovers over their mind.
A child is a human being, a heart with feelings. If you can’t treat her (him) like one, just don’t have one, just don’t get one!

You might be thinking what kind of words are these. Who after all considers a child as a profiteering entity? Who goes on to the extent of a shutdown? And what do I actually mean by a shutdown?

And trust me, its not about those who have been living a miserable life. Or for that matter, have issues with a female new-born. Or may be a poor family financially!

No..! I wrote this when I saw a well educated…No…A so-called qualified man throwing out his motherless child out for reasons he himself has been responsible for! I wrote this when I just could not digest the fact that his investments on the child looked futile to him with respect to the outcomes.

A shutdown here is when the child has a father who he cannot just look upto because he has been discarded as a useless entity probably. A shutdown is when he sees his fellow mates turning up with their daddies and he has none to look upto despite having one. And over it, the child just does not know why and what is actually happening..

I wonder how such people end up even having a sound sleep at night…Something which they don’t deserve even if they had been working hard all day for their livelihoods..!

I wish people understood that they cannot play with a young life- a small child when they cannot take up the responsibility…

I wish they knew that Life is a Full Circle and they would get back what they started..!


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