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I am a Palestinian.

You ran for your dignity.
You ran for your life.

For the dignity,
You asked for space,
Some shelter
Just to stay..

For the life,
You were given some space.
just to stay..

You garnered strength,
Wisdom and hope.
You have prospered
Harbouring guns and more!

Yes, guns!
Shattering the very worlds
Of those who gave you

Hope to live on,
On their own land
With grace and dignity..
What more could you have asked for?

Draining all the gratitude,
The thankfulness,
You stand tall
With your head held high..

As Higher you stand
Look behind, just once
Those vivid memories
Of cruelity, of helplessness!

Those sufferings Are now ours..
For What you suffered then
Is our nightmare of today,
everyday, for once and for all!


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