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And Now.

Blood still running
Tears still flowing
Still there exists

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The Present

Lying in a pool
A self creation
Water, it is not
Tears of hopelessness

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Forever Together

Hold on to me
As if you would
Never let me go
For I have hooked
On to you since
You existed in this very world..

Nurtured with all my love
All my hope dwells on
For you are my little one
Since you were born..

Plan on your days
All your life and ahead
Dont ever forget
To make me part of all of that..

For all the time I have
After you came up to this world
Our lives have revolved
And evolved around each other
And I know it will remain so
Along With as many people
As they come..!



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Say it, Do it.

While I was away
You said you wanted
me everyday..

But while I was
with you everyday
I seldom felt that
Want any day..

Remember to make
me feel my presence
my importance
for now I am here
But it won’t last everytime, everyday..!


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Love of a kind..

Lying down
With those watery eyes
Feeling bad about
Those little fights..

And when those little ones
Churned out a big one,
Neither of us realised..

While I realised
What went wrong
You were all set
To leave and be bold..

Being bold was my forte
And you seemed trapped
in your new learnings..

Learnings from one another
made me block your way,
Something you knew
would come your way..

“Propose me, and that’s an order!” I commanded..
You were and you will be you..
Knelt down on a knee,
Picked that empty vase devoid of flowers,
” My arms are like this empty vase,
Would you be the flower?”


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The Bud. (One minute read)

A little you:
the bud
still in its formative years,
moulded by what you hear..

Years to come,
when you would learn,
what transpired,
when you were young..

Transpired but not intended..
We failed on some notes,
but saved you from many wrongs,
for you were still precious to all..

Wrongs done by some,
Trust me: were not forgiven..
For they were cursed for their deeds
for using you for their leisure needs..

Deeds were not destined..
They were consciously practiced,
for you were not their own..
But For You, they were your soul..

Own things are cared for..
Lovingly kept and worked for..
But you were that bud, kept in the dark,
which finally bent to seek its own ray of light to blossom and flower..!


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Volcanoes do develop
in me too
And you try fanning
to cool it up..

The moment you realise
its too late
Eruption has already
made its verocious way..

And then,
Your real task emerge,
to climb up for a cool down
Calmly, peacefully,
Feeling the temperature,
the heat..

You move on
Swiftly, caressing
Talking less,
Listening more..

For you know,
You are risking,
For you know,
What’s needed is
not the cool air but
the Pouring of Love..!


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