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Love of a kind..

Lying down
With those watery eyes
Feeling bad about
Those little fights..

And when those little ones
Churned out a big one,
Neither of us realised..

While I realised
What went wrong
You were all set
To leave and be bold..

Being bold was my forte
And you seemed trapped
in your new learnings..

Learnings from one another
made me block your way,
Something you knew
would come your way..

“Propose me, and that’s an order!” I commanded..
You were and you will be you..
Knelt down on a knee,
Picked that empty vase devoid of flowers,
” My arms are like this empty vase,
Would you be the flower?”



4 thoughts on “Love of a kind..

  1. A very emotional poem that love isn’t about orders or commands, it’s a free flowing ocean of emotions from the shores of our hearts. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post 🙂

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      1. Pleasure was all mine Tanya I truly enjoyed how from a position of commanding /ordering you ended on a requesting note. Keep weaving the magic of your creativity ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

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