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Little Things!

Certain nuances
Of showering love
With his innocence
And his wit shaped the
Bond we shared, at a time
When I flowed like water, though
Freely, but deformed at every step!



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Selfish World

Down with a thought
In the back of my mind
I am poised to reflect
The way the selfish world strikes..

Creating their own webs
Each one traps the other self,
Satisfying and seeking
through their poisoned pathways..

Poisoned roads mimick
those rosy beds
luring people
masking their selfish selves..!



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Step down for sometime, my child
Bear with me for a few moments,
I wish to create new memories
For my new life, after abeyance..

Moments I spend with you
Seldom turn into minutes these days,
I love seeing you successful in life
But remember to bend down
To share your success with me
Because I don’t possess, anymore,
That flying strength..

Memories we create
With every second in life, so
Put me in some of yours
And you in many of mine..

Abeyance should not be dreaded
For there lies a hope of starting afresh,
I would always be there in your heart,
Heart, that I have churned
With honey, nurtured
With love, for that’s all I had..!


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I rested in my quilt, watching television, basking in the heat on a cold winter night. She sat near to me, but not in the quilt. I told her to, but she said she had work and sitting in quilt would make her not get back to it. You know, a dinner can not be delayed.

She pulled out a fruit cake. She thought I was hungry. After lunch, we had had nothing. But, she felt only I was hungry.

Opening up the packet, she gave a piece to me. Looking at her, a satisfied, at peace, face, I told her to have it too. But she said, she wasn’t hungry.

She looked tired. Yet, she looked all set to get back to the kitchen. Her hair were not in place, yet she looked beautiful. Her light brown eyes still held that sparkle to make up anyone’s day.

I pushed the warm quilt over her legs. She made herself a bit more comfortable by slipping in and lying down in bed. And in no time, she fell asleep, a short nap.

It was a beautiful sight. It always, is. Watching your mother, resting after a long day which is yet to end and still has a lot more to offer and do. The calm on her face could make anyone feel contented.

I preferred looking at her and switched off the television.

Little moments lived in life, I believe, pushes more happiness and peace, probably readying us for some big moments ahead!


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Be with Love

She was a pretty doll
Big black eyes
A long pointed nose
Perfectly shaped lips
Amidst those long shining tresses…

And then,

He came and sat next to her
A not so handsome man
Turned out to be her husband..

There was something
which didn’t let me
settle them as a match:
A beautiful lady with
not ‘that’ appropriate a man..

While my eyes couldn’t
digest what I stood
a witness to,
I was wondering
why I had
such a thinking,
such a mindset,
being from this era too..!