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Feel the Fall: It’s time!

Drops fall all over, around you
And may not
around many others..

Opportunity is knocking
all over you,
Hold on to it,
till it leaves open a door!

For many don’t get to hear
even the knocks..
For many,
the drops
may not even fall!


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An early morning
started on the note of love,
then a needle:
it pricked the ballooning
bubble of happiness
culminating into
a silent heap of unforgettables!


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Love Un-loved

With my best dress on:
A hot red
or a kind of darker of all,
turning my lips pink
for I don’t match everything..

Ruffled my uncombed hair
for that rough and tough look..
Those shoes which you haven’t seen yet,
are gracing my feet for the maiden walk..

A walk to you,
that would be my last,
for you to see your lady for the last,
for you to realise what you have lost,
for you to say those words:
this time for the last!



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When you wish to sleep peacefully, Act!

Lost in his own world
In revenge
In anger
He ventured out:
An adventure..

This adventurer:
A none to me
And I, likewise..

A misadventure
of his,
right in front me..

Shall I stand
as a witness or
act instead?

Shall I be
a silent spectator or
stop instead?

Shall I watch
the show or
help instead?

Though he is none
to me, and I, likewise..

I chose to act
I chose not enemity
but humanity
I chose to save
I chose LIFE!


P.S.: And I believe I did right. Peace.



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An Unplanned Meet

She walked all along
like she was all alone
amidst the whole crowd
which wished to walk along..

He saw her right there
followed her all the way
to let her know his presence
but she was in her sway..

As she stopped by
to rest for a coffee
he whispered,
“Let’s sit there!”

Turning around for a surprise
She hugged her old mate,
and settled down

back in time!