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Living Life

Falling in love

with the new pleasures of life,

Living along,


the world full of delight.

People change,

So do you and I,

but the passion to live,


and stay delighted

exists throughout our lives..!!


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Small Love Talks (4)

After an eye to eye


He smiled,

looked more naughty

than lovely,

“Can’t we meet without


Just like the way we fell in


without reasons..??”


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Small Love Talks (1)

” Love, why don’t you


I miss out on

important days and times

of ours..”

Pondering over,

the question

not because the answer isn’t known

But the words ought to be right,

I replied,

” Honey, that’s the time

I bestow on you,

to find out your mistake,

your fault,


and rectify..!

That was one..

Most importantly, it is for me

to not waste my energy,

in anger,

because time, my darling, is

the greatest healer!”


P.S.: The picture was drawn by me!! 😉

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Love is Never Lost

When the words

fall short,

Every moment prolongs


The two are lost

in the worlds seen in the eyes of the other,

The time stands tall,

The love’s not lost,

The love is not lost!

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that suddenly feel so
light, lit and calm

And then
Mr Moon
shifts to see you

You- a twinkling star
for it right on Earth

And You
send all your smiles
to all that you see

Mr Moon

The starry sky