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Near Future

I had no words
to say,
to hear..

The calmess in the air
was in sync
with the emptiness of my heart..

I wondered why?

Why was there no one around?

The sound of tones existed
devoid of that touch
my heart,
my senses craved for..

That automaticity,
That quickness,
That world of ‘The Livingless’..
It just ate away all my liveliness..


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Heart and Glitch

That glitch in your life
Peaking stress
Going high
While you’re still stuck in your mind..


Just how could this be?

That glitch in your heart
While it beats truely fast..

And suddenly..!

The cause dies
Fake news and their tries..

You are just back
with a BANG..!


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The Ladder of Life

I still don’t feel
the way I did before,
I still haven’t the heart
to connect again, and be strong..

I strived to climb
those steps of ladder of life,
I think, I missed out the major ones
making a struggling life..

The process turned out tough,
The ladder seems to tremble and fall,
While the ground itself is turning shaky,
How do I take my final call?

A new ladder cannot be placed,
The ground itself cannot be changed,
The climate remains stagnant,
I only, will have to regain my heart
As only I can bring the change!


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When it just doesn’t happen..

I pulled myself
Every now and then
Worked tirelessly
With ease and strength..


They said, “I didn’t do,
Lazily sponging off,
I wasted time and life..”
No expectations they had then on..

I have turned my hair white,
Not out of age,
But stress..

My heart pains
to hear them all..
All because:
I was never kissed by success..!