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While those drops
had the power to clean
wherever they fell,
the ground on which I sat
still felt cruddy..

Pouring my heart out

all alone


I felt like
a lotus


masked with the beauty






my sullen soul..!



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Should I?

A needle pricked
right in my heart,
pushed into: deep
to reach another mark..

A mark of those times,
no less than today’s
with more pain and agony,
I push you away..

Once forgiven,
Twice shy..
Should I make the mistake
of giving you another chance?

Choices are hard
Situations are harder
Am I being too much?
Or am I being fooled?

Lost in my questions
The day doesn’t seem to end
Even the sun wants an answer
to let the moon shine again..!


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Futuristic View

Gazing at the sky:
The heights which I chose
to achieve
I lie down so low
Sinking deep within..

A huge rock is what my head carries
Burdening my mind,
Hot rivers flow
from my ponds
reflecting my feelings,
My dreams..!



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Thoughts of Dark Night

Acts, which turned
a life around,
were less painful
than words
that turned everything

For however blunt
the knife,
it is in your hands
is all that matters..

The more
Incorrigible your act
the more Vindictive I turn..




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Danger Zone

Walking on a narrow path
little did the tiny lad knew
that it was surrounded by hills
where a landslide could never kill..
The chances of being alive
were nearly nil..

With no rain
and no food
The tiny lad decided that
the ground is where it should look..

Just a dig into the ground and
the owner of the place
got a tangy feeling,
“Like a Drop of water,
trickling down,
the silky surface!”

And so, the owner
swept the narrow path
with a dash and no sound..

As the lady cleared the way,
The tiny insect
The May Day!


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My eyes wish to feel

the love in your’s,

by criss-crossing

those eyelashes,

locking in forever

with the only bond

called love..