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Let me be..

And when I saw this, it felt as if it is the right time to share this thought yet again with you all..!!

Happy Reading..! 🙂

Palpable Pennings

At times
I need time
to ponder
over my next goal..

Is it not right
to think
before I, again
take off?

Then why do people
question my ‘me’ time
when after all,
its not theirs,
but my life?


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While I wait..

Feeding my loneliness
with the memories of those times
The sky lights of today
are my visual delight
The music in my ears
is the sound of dropping rain
The blanket wrapping me
is the cool breeze tonight!


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Judge Me Not

Laughing out
All alone.

I am not exercising.
I am also not reading a joke.

I did laugh.

Can’t I?
Basking in the memories
Of our old days,
Old times,
Can’t I laugh?

Reminded of a silly act,
Of a funny phrase,
A punch,
Can’t I laugh?




Listen, you!

I walk beyond
What people think..
I do beyond
How people may..


I always will!!



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Weave your Way

I believe its been long
I pulled up myself
To hover over a few pages
Tossing a few words


And here

But life has had unique plans
For me
As it offers a new pathway
With stepping stones
And no bushes..
Just open ends
To decorate it
The way I always wanted it to be..!!


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    into the journey of a life…

         A life –

                     of you, or of me,

enlightens us,

          developing new blocks of ideas,

and thoughts that

                                puts us into our best selves,

                                                                                  in our worst times..!


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Little known wonders
Spreading their wings high
Pushing themselves
Upto the horizon
Willing to reach the meeting line..

Hard is to believe at
The time of that moment
When one nears the horizon
There’s another in sight!