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An Unplanned Meet

She walked all along
like she was all alone
amidst the whole crowd
which wished to walk along..

He saw her right there
followed her all the way
to let her know his presence
but she was in her sway..

As she stopped by
to rest for a coffee
he whispered,
“Let’s sit there!”

Turning around for a surprise
She hugged her old mate,
and settled down

back in time!



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Learn to Live

Pondering over
the tasks
of the day

I have found
a new thing

Now, everyday
I will do
one creative work

like making
you read
my thoughts

like coloring
a new sheet
of white paper

like recording
a song
for my heart

like playing
a new rhythm
on my keyboard

like living life
skipped by many
in today’s world!


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While I had been waiting
to take this step
My foot stands freezed
right in the air
Afraid of landing on the ground..

I know I am right
But I also know he may not be wrong
And then
why should I be bothered about him..
Or should I be?

For all I know
It’s not that I can’t do without him..
Confusions are there in the air
It’s the anger which I possess right now..

But, I believe,
more than all that’s happening,
I am still next to him
I love him more..!



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Long time, it has been
when our flashlights met
to never blink..


Deep down,
It’s the calmess we want
to connect again
without any protocols..


I have nothing to say
Nor do you..
we did hear more
right from our core..


We have been, for a while
Infact, a little longer..
That’s all I could feel
‘That’ more is still a lot less for more..!






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While those drops
had the power to clean
wherever they fell,
the ground on which I sat
still felt cruddy..

Pouring my heart out

all alone


I felt like
a lotus


masked with the beauty






my sullen soul..!



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Should I?

A needle pricked
right in my heart,
pushed into: deep
to reach another mark..

A mark of those times,
no less than today’s
with more pain and agony,
I push you away..

Once forgiven,
Twice shy..
Should I make the mistake
of giving you another chance?

Choices are hard
Situations are harder
Am I being too much?
Or am I being fooled?

Lost in my questions
The day doesn’t seem to end
Even the sun wants an answer
to let the moon shine again..!