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that suddenly feel so
light, lit and calm

And then
Mr Moon
shifts to see you

You- a twinkling star
for it right on Earth

And You
send all your smiles
to all that you see

Mr Moon

The starry sky



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Love of a kind


Beyond pains

And gains

Beyond fears

And tears

Beyond those smiles

Within the lightness

In the heart and breath

Love of a kind

Found at birth

and death..!


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It was like

Hanging in mid-air

With just handful of time

And strength..

When time runs fast

Yet not a moment tends to pass..

Times become difficult

Because you know

The today is so uncertain

The tomorrow may get unpredictably worse..!


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That’s Life

While you thought
Your world was building up,
You jotted down your future goals,
Posed, all in your thoughts
For your days to come,
There lay a storm,
Building up on the other side of your thoughts,
Probably even right behind your back,
Something, you never thought
Would come up at a juncture
When you were all set to fly,


In a clear blue sky
Calm and serene

Something you were about to

Just about to grab



And finally Live..!


That’s Life!!







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Let me be..

And when I saw this, it felt as if it is the right time to share this thought yet again with you all..!!

Happy Reading..! πŸ™‚

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At times
I need time
to ponder
over my next goal..

Is it not right
to think
before I, again
take off?

Then why do people
question my β€˜me’ time
when after all,
its not theirs,
but my life?


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While I wait..

Feeding my loneliness
with the memories of those times
The sky lights of today
are my visual delight
The music in my ears
is the sound of dropping rain
The blanket wrapping me
is the cool breeze tonight!


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Judge Me Not

Laughing out
All alone.

I am not exercising.
I am also not reading a joke.

I did laugh.

Can’t I?
Basking in the memories
Of our old days,
Old times,
Can’t I laugh?

Reminded of a silly act,
Of a funny phrase,
A punch,
Can’t I laugh?




Listen, you!

I walk beyond
What people think..
I do beyond
How people may..


I always will!!