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A Journey in a Life

Knocked out of a universe
You tend to enter a hole
A passage to a new world
Or an end of you as a whole..

But there lies more
In the passage itself
For the journey seems
To never end..

Yet, there are ways
There exist just days
There are only countable times
Before the finish line..

Leaving behind a path
Carved by your own
Marked by your caravan’s wheels
The rest is yet to be explored..

While the behind of you
Bids goodbyes to the old
Your feet embark upon
The newbies in store for you!



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Weaving Words

By all means
in this world of thoughts
I have spun
a cloth
of my favourite color..

Cloth is not
what you would want..

A shape and style
is what you seek
A persona in my cloth
is what you wish to see..!


P.S.: These words have been written with a lot on mind. And so may sound directionless! Though I managed to think of a good title! 😀



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“I did well
I believe
I am happy.”

It may not be, well,
the way you believe,

“And I shouldn’t be, well,
happy about it?”


For that belief
is your strength,
And being happy
is your right!

Be alone the ‘ifs’,
Be alone the ‘buts’,
Live in your happiness,
Live in your belief!


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And that’s Life!

Pushed away
in the agonies of life
by her deeds of the lifetime..

she suffers..
the people around, do hover..


For all your deeds
are not bad,
For all your deeds
are not good,



All your deeds count,
All that love spread
creates ripples,
reaching across lives, 
all its way,
bringing people
to you,
for you,
in multifolds,
just to love you!