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Who is a Soldier?

A soldier is the father’s boy..
The mother’s star..
Someone’s husband..
And someone’s dad!

When he becomes a soldier,
And goes for a war..
His mother always waits,
With her blessings for her star!

When he goes for a war..
His child always misses him a lot..
He always feels proud to be the son of a brave man..
Who is always ready to save his motherland!

When we are asleep..
He is awake..
To make it sure that we are safe!

But when he dies as a brave man..
The parents loose their lad..
His wife looses her love and his child his proud dad..

So this is how a soldier is defined as brave lad of his motherland!


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The Dare

The quivering morning of the day,
Sways us in sleep on hay..

We are profound in the warm quilts,
Have we ever thought of a tilt?

Tilt and watch those small kids,
Picking plastic bags in the midst..

Have we ever thought of them,
Who are always in whem?

The cold Breeze blows,
The blood doesn’t flow,
The poor die,
Without an aye!

Trust me not if you ain’t aware,
But do help them as a DARE!


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The Day of Nourishment!

I saw the trees blooming,
I saw the water foaming,
The animals were enjoying,
And I was the one who was in the midst of this time!

The clouds came by,
The earth’s thirst died,
The fields did sparkle,
And the sky darkened!

The night stood clear,
The stars were nearer,
The moon shied away,
Making it a fascinating day!


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A Solitary Soldier of Life!

There was a lonesome boy
He never bought a toy
He never asked for anything..

He knew he was poor
He knew he couldn’t afford
He never had food to eat
He never had a house to live..

He started working
He started earning
He became a paper boy from a dhaba cleaner..

Then, he had his own newspaper!

Now, he can buy everything
Afford anything
As now he is rich
He has food to eat and
A house to live..

But, now he earns and lives
For those poor kids,
Like the one he had been!


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A Minute Ago!

I was at the shore
I was enjoying as the water soared
I called my friends to enjoy the scene
But the sea turned out to be mean..

We waited for long
To hear the soaring song
And then it was there,
To give us the glimpse of its share..

But soon I realised that something was wrong
The sea followed everyone enjoying the song!

I ran and clutched a tree
But it too was set afree!

Just a minute had passed
And there was the mass..

Now I lie dead,
But I was ALIVE, a minute ago!


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